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PCP is U-Sky's proprietary psychometric assessment that is taken in combination with an individual's personality, aptitude and interest. This test report suggests careers and courses which are much more apt and accurate for the student, matching not just his / her personality, but also his / her aptitude and interests. Knowing your personality type, as measured through the U-Sky's PCP instrument, can help you with career planning at every stage: from your choice of subjects and majors in school to choosing your first career, to advancing in your organization or changing careers later in life.

Choosing your career or field of study is one of the most important decisions a student or his/her parents help make. The most successful people are those that have an inherent or natural strength and enjoy what they do. We at U-Sky diligently map every student's personality, aptitude and interests and recommend the best fit or most optimal choices of subjects and careers.

U-Sky PCP psychometric assessment is a combination of the following 3 instruments:


Aptitude Test

This test maps the "in-born" aptitudes of the student. These aptitudes naturally help the student to learn or do certain tasks or activities.

For example: Certain students, right from their childhood would love to break open their toys and then reassemble back. This is indicative of a certain aptitude that is in-born.

8 sections - approximately 45 minutes

This test maps the course / career interest of the student. The student explores around close to 200 different courses / careers, looks at all aspects and finally picks the one that he / she is most interested in.

Discipline, Major, Specialization or Field of interest - MPC (Math, Physics and Chemistry) or BiPC (Biology, Physics and Chemistry), etc. post 10th grade level.

Career choices - Engineer, Doctor, Lawyer, Business, etc.

45 questions - approximately 5 minutes


Interest Test


Personality Test

his test maps the personality of the student, that is, it measures the most natural behaviour that the student displays in different situations. It maps 28 personality traits. With career decidedness

For example: There are certain students who are naturally extrovert, while others are shyer. There are a few, who are quick decision makers, while others who can analyze well.

10 questions - approximately 5 minutes


Students can find the right job which they love. The main advantage of this test is that evaluation can be done about the personality and abilities about a particular job and make out if the job is a perfect fit.

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